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Aero Mechanical Conveyor Install, Lanarksire

Project Overview

Dynamo Engineering secured the contract to install both a horizontal and inclined aero mechanical conveyor for an anmal feeds supplier. Dynamo engineering designed and installed the support steelwork for both coneyors.

Client. Animal Feeds Supplier

To enable the new aero mechanical feed system to be installed modifications were required to the existing feed silos. Dynamo engineering designed the modifiactions,the supporting steelwork and access ladders and platform. The modifications included cutting a 400 Dia outlet  and welding on a new PN10 aluminium flange on the hopper outlet and  cutting 5off penetrations in the sides of the aluminium hoppers and framing them with flat bar to allow  passage of the new horizontal conveyor. The inclined conveyor elevated to a height of 12mtrs and dynamo engineering  designed the steel support for this..

Project Description