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Bearing Production Line Move, Kilmarnock

Project Overview

Dynamo Engineering are pleased to announce the completion of the relocation of the flange bearing assembly line for an automotive component manufacturer's plant in Ayrshire.

Main Contractor: Dynamo Engineering

Electrical Contractor: In-house

In order to increase efficiency in the production of the flange bearings, one of the assembly lines was to be relocated to run parallel to a similar assembly line. Thus, allowing for both lines to be run by the same operator. After all electrical isolations and disconnections had been made the assembly line was split into it’s individual components, allowing for easier transportation through the plant.  The first machine to be moved was the bore broach, as this would then allow us to align the other parts of the assembly line. The bore broach was lifted and transported through the plant using a 7.5tonne counter balance forklift, while the control panel was skated alongside. The bearing facer unit was also lifted and moved using the large forklift, but this machine was lifted using the jib attachment and a set of lifting brothers. Next, part of the existing conveyor system had to be stripped to remove the 90degree bends out of it and rebuilt and fitted in place at the bore broach inlet. The wash unit was then lifted out of it’s drip tray using a 3.2tonne forklift, the drip tray was cleaned out and positioned in the new assembly line and the washer unit sat in its new position using the forklift. All periphery conveyors were lifted into position and final adjustments were made to make sure all machines and conveyors were square and in line. All electrical work could then be finished by the in-house electricians, before the line was run without any problems.

Project Description