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Waste to Energy Dosing System

Project Overview

Dynamo Engineering are pleased to announce the completion of the design manufacture and installation of three chemical dosing stations for a new Energy from Waste Facility. The energy from waste (EfW) Plant consists of a gasification plant consisting of a complete gasification unit, heat recovery and flue gas treatment plant supplying steam to a steam turbine generation set. The EfW facility processes at least 90,000 tonnes of Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) per year, exporting over 30GWh of heat and 750GWh of electricity every year. It will produce enough electricity to supply the equivalent of around 18,000 homes.

Client: Construction Engineering Consultancy Company:

The three dosing stations were designed to transfer chemicals to the gasification plant. The chemical treatment is to assist in corrosion protection within the process equipment. Bulk chemicals, stored in 1000ltr IBC’s are pumped via duty/standby pumps to their respective injection points. The dosing pumps have options for either manual dose rate or controlled via 4-20mA signal from their associated online control instrumentation. Dynamo Engineering Ltd were contracted to design, manufacture and install three Chemical Dosing Stations;

Phosphate Dosing Station for internal boiler treatment: to eliminate the residual hardness and increase the PH Value in order to decrease the solubility of magnetite

Ammonia Water Dosing Station for steam treatment:to increase the PH Value in order to decrease the solubility of Magmetite

Oxygen Scavenger Dosing Station for Feed Water treatment: to eliminate the residual Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide content  important only on Start-UP, while thermal deaeration is not possible in the feedwater tank

Project Description